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Designed for eLearning teams

Content Author/Subject Matter Expert

eNetAuthor allows your content to be presented creatively so learners are engaged. Develop responsive, interactive, and multi-media eLearning, which can be published and republished easily.

Course Designer/Instructional Designer

Manage all project resources in one place, enabling easy creation of the storyboard and effective handoff to graphic designers. Keep control of any changes, track discussions and manage sign-offs.

Graphic Designer

Enjoy the flexibility to create your vision. All content and resources are in one place, for you to work with them directly or share them with your project team. The integrated resources can be easily customised and reused, or you can add your own.


Quickly see a true representation of the final output and feedback comments and changes on specific areas of the content. Tracks all discussions relating to a project to help understand why decisions have been made.


Get real-time insight and control on all your eLearning projects. Quickly view progress, identify outstanding tasks, produce management reports and measure against budget.

Cloud-based tool enabled for desktop and mobile devices

Work anywhere and collaborate with team members around the world. Everyone in a team can access all project resources, making it easier to work together on projects.

Easy to use, with content authored using drag and drop.

It’s quick to develop high-quality online training resources, improving your team’s productivity and reducing cost.

Storyboarding and all resources held in one place.

Designers can build straight from the storyboard resulting in more efficient transitions from storyboard to design. eLearning projects can be managed from the start, helping to deliver the most successful outcome.

Reviewers see the real picture

The onscreen visual is a true representation of how the course will look, making the design, editing and reviewing process easier. Choose a device to preview how it will look on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Work on projects simultaneously

Lock-out is at the page level so there is no confusion over changes to the same content at the same time. eLearning teams get better productivity while maintaining editing and version control.

Containers allow the development of a customised style

With content created in a container which holds the course branding it’s simple to rebrand and repurpose content. The library of containers can be easily customised to create a corporate style.

Easy to get started with course templates

A range of course templates are provided or you can create your own. Templates can be global and available to a whole team to ensure consistency, or be personal to you.

Integrated resources makes authoring easy

The library of smart objects (text, images and buttons) automatically take the styling of the container and your own objects can be added to the library. Enhance your training materials with quizzes and add multi-media resources using the audio or media player.

Code View and Properties View gives ultimate control over styling

Experienced developers can view the entire code for the page (HTML, CSS and JS), implement custom scripts and take charge of the content functionalities.

SCORM and xAPI compliant

eLearning courses can be integrated into compatible learning management systems. The SCORM zip provides the full HTML code and resources so it is quick to make small edits to course content.

Fully responsive and adaptive from source

Content adjusts automatically to whichever device (smartphone, tablet, desk-top) is being used so you don’t have to spend time creating multiple versions of a course.

Manage your eLearning projects from concept to delivery

Arrange meetings, assign tasks, and send and track messages with links back to specific content. Connecting all project stakeholders makes it easier to identify and implement improvements, and deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

Customisable dashboard with real-time insight

Create your own management view by selecting from a range of widgets, including planning, calendar, projects status, user statistics and task completion. Track and monitor progress of your eLearning projects, analyse activity and produce management reports.

Help when you need it

Coach Mode is there to help at every stage of your project, guiding you through the process. Articles, videos and telephone support help you get the most from eNetAuthor and you can purchase additional support services.

Designed and built by eLearning experts

eNetAuthor has been developed by eCom Scotland who have over 19 years’ experience of creating organisation eLearning.

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