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Terms of Use

The eNetAuthor trial license is valid for 30 days. The trial account provides live chat (9am-5.30pm GMT) and email support for the 30 days and access to the support page. The trial date starts by clicking on the link in the welcome email, this link is valid for 14 days, it will then expire and a further trial account will be required. The trial provides, 2gb of storage, and 20 projects as well as email support. You have full access to the product during the trial period and can export any courses created.

All content created during the trial will be stored for 14 days after the trial expires. If the full license payment is received in this time, the content will be made available in the live version. Once the 14 day period has past the content will be automatically deleted and the account closed.

eNetAuthor is offered as an annual license and full payment is required. You can choose to purchase eNetAuthor via PayPal or invoice. If you choose to be invoiced all payments must be made in full within 14 days of the invoice date. After 14 days if no payment is received, the account will be closed and all content created deleted (unrecoverable).

The eNetAuthor annual license allows an administrator to set up accounts for the number of user licenses purchased. The account is at the organisation level and further users (both Author and Developer) can be added to your account. For each license level you will be allocated a number of projects, storage space, and reviewers. From your account you can upgrade your license to extend these amounts. Any upgrades are made to the annual license and expire at the same time as the annual license.

By purchasing a license you give eNetAuthor permission to use your company logo if required on our website. For further discussion on this please contact us at

Email support is provided, with all emails receiving a ticketed response within 24hrs. You can upgrade your support package to provide 1:1 support for Administrators.

All email support is ticketed and responses are automated. General support on how to use the program will be dealt with by providing further information. Reported issues will be handled during standard working hours (Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm UK Time excluding UK public holidays) and it may take up to 72hrs to receive a specific response. During the term of the full license admins can sign up for 2 x 30min webinars. Further webinars can be purchased.

Access to the resource library of webcasts and articles will be available and any 10 webcasts can be viewed during the full license period. Further access to webcasts can be purchased.

All purchases are only available while there is an active full license.

Fair use policy for email support
We operate a fair use policy in regard to email support, based on 10 hours of support over the term of the annual license. In the event of you requiring a higher level of support you will be required to upgrade to a paid support arrangement.

Security of personal data
All data held in the eNetAuthor system is made as secure as possible within web systems. Emails and passwords are serialised (encrypted), and customer details are stored separately from login details. No credit card or bank information is stored within eNetAuthor. This is dealt with via our payment processor (Worldpay or PayPal).

Acceptable Use
We operate an acceptable use policy with regards to upload of images and other content. Please respect this and do not upload images that may be deemed to be offensive or break copyright. Please check our Acceptable Use Policy for further information.

Browser support
eNetAuthor produces HTML5 output so needs to use modern browser capability, the browsers that we recommend are as follows:

Internet Explorer 11 and greater
Latest versions of Chrome and FireFox

Device screen size
eNetAuthor offers various modes,

  • Project management dashboard which is available on Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile,
  • Author which is only available on desktop and laptop,
  • Reviewer which is available on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile,
  • Storyboard which is available on desktop and laptop only

Touch screen
Although eNetAuthor can be used on a tablet it is important to note that due to the complexity of the authoring screen that a MOUSE is required. Touch screen is not appropriate for tablet authoring.

If you have a complaint about this website or the eNetAuthor Service please contact the eNetAuthor Support Team on

If the event that we cannot resolve any dispute between us, subject to terms and conditions, the EU provides a service to assist with online dispute resolution. The ODR platform can be accessed at

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